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General Rules for Cutting Roses

Before you get into the thicket of rose bushes with a secateurs in your hand, think carefully about which group a given rose belongs to, because not all of them are cut equally. Another cut is required for large-flowered roses, a completely different climbing rose that blooms once a year, and yet another for climbing roses that repeat flowering. To make it easier for you to learn how to cut, remember some general rules for cutting roses.

The basic cutting of roses is always done in spring, not too early; a good date is the moment of forsythia flowering (early April). In autumn, we can only remove the blooming flowers.

Roses varieties – Climbing, Ground Cover, Miniature Roses

Roses (Rosa) are shrubs belonging to the Rosaceae family. They are one of the most popular garden shrubs and at the same time one of the oldest ornamental plants – they have been cultivated for almost 5000 years. In the world there are over 200 wild rose species and about 20 thousand noble varieties.

The popularity of roses consists of many features – beautiful flowers, sweet scent and long flowering period. Not without reason the rose is considered the queen of flowers! The variety of forms and colors of roses makes it possible for everyone to find something for themselves. Let’s take a look at climbing, ground cover and miniature roses.

Roses varieties – Many-flowered, Noble, Shrub Roses

As experience shows, planning rose beds in our own gardens, we rarely take into account the variety of available forms of these beautiful flowers. Usually we are satisfied with the many-flowered, noble and shrub roses.

Roses in the garden

Roses have accompanied man for hundreds of years. Without a doubt, they are among the oldest cultivated garden plants, and the proverbial rose luxury of the old Roman Empire allows us to assume that already then roses were surrounded by special reverence. Subsequent epochs did not in any way weaken the true ball – here given to these flowers. In many gardens, the roses secured a stable position.

From age to age, then from quarter of a century to quarter of a century, and today, year after year, new varieties with a fairy-tale play of colors, with almost unrivalled form, spreading a beautiful scent. But also the most ordinary representatives of roses, hedge and wild varieties, deserve our attention. They are the inseparable companions of natural shrubs and should not be missing in our gardens.

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